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New items for the 2004-2005 season 

Welcome to the 2004-2005 season of the San Francisco Bay Cup. Here are 
some new information about this season's set of events. Here are the 
new stuff for this season:

  • Elite and Novice Youth-14 Boys' Foil

    The Youth-14 Boys' Foil has gotten extremely strong in the San Francisco Bay 
    Area. To help make fencing valuable for beginning fencers, we have split 
    the Youth-14 Boys' Foil into two event categories, the Elite and the Novice. 
    The notations are Y14BFE and Y14BFN respectively. In order to compete in 
    the elite category, one must have an E-classification or higher in foil 
    (and be 14 or younger, of course). To compete in the novice category, one 
    must have a D-classification or lower in foil. This allows some overlap, 
    but not too much as to make the novice category unmeaningful. Once a fencer 
    starts in the novice category, he is eligible to continue in the novice 
    category for the remainder of the season even if he earns a C or higher 
    classification in foil. And, once a fencer earns an E-classification or 
    higher, he may compete in the elite category.
  • Category-2 events have been redefined

    As of this season, Category-2 is (almost) identical to USFA national's 
    Division III event category. That is, in order to compete in one's 
    first Category-2 event, one must be D-classified or lower in that weapon. 
    However, once one has competed in a Category-2 event, one may continue to 
    fence in the Category-2 event for the remainder of the season.
  • Youth-10 events

    Youth-10 Foil has been split from mixed into a boys' and girls' division. 
    We anticipate enough females fencers to warrant this split and will help 
    our female foilists to improve. Youth-10 Mixed Saber has been added as 
    there is a need to include this category. There are several clubs in the 
    Bay Cup contingent that can field 3-5 fencers in this age group, and we 
    anticipate the Youth-10 saber field to have 15-20 competitors (on a very 
    good day).
  • Fencer friendly competitions

    Host clubs are instructed (and hopefully reminded with this article) to 
    spread out the events of one day so that fencers aren't forced to show 
    up early for the second or third check-in of the day, only to wait for 
    two-plus hours before the first bouts get underway. Check-in close times 
    will be amply separated to afford lots of room to compete.

Along with these changes, all the usual procedures remain the same: the Bay 
Cup membership fee is still $40/year in each of the three possible age 
categories, Junior (U-20), Senior (no-age limits), and Veteran (40+). 

We are looking into the possibility of splitting the veteran epee into a 
men's and women's (or perhaps a mixed and women's). No changes will occur 
this season, but veteran fencers will be polled and their concerns and 
suggestions will be implemented for next season. 

 for the 2004-2005 season to use
PayPal internet technology.

Signing up for the Bay Cup is now easier than ever before. And it will 
cost you no a penny more. Sign up for Bay Cup membership for the 2003-2004 
fencing season using paypal, the online payment solution. 

How to use it:

If you're new to PayPal, you need to sign up with PayPal. Go to PayPal's 
home page and sign up for a personal account. Personal accounts are free. 

If or once you have established a personal paypal account, fill it up with 
money or use a credit card payment. Then click on the "Send Money" tab. 
Enter the following items in the listed fields:

  • Recipient's Email: enter ""
  • Amount: enter $40 (or whatever appropriate amounts; if you
    wish to join the Junior and Senior Bay Cup categories, it's $80; if you're
    signing up ten people at the same time, it's $400, and so on...)
  • Currency: choose U.S. Dollars from the pull-down menu
  • Type: choose Service from the pull-down menu
  • Subject: enter "Bay Cup Membership for yourname"
  • Note: enter the following information:
    1. Firstname Lastname
    2. Club Affiliation
    3. Division representation
    4. Junior/Senior/Veteran Bay Cup membership enrollment
    5. USFA membership number (if applicable)
    6. USFA membership expiration date (if applicable)
    7. Birthyear (please write, "Birthyear is xxxx" so the information
      isn't out of context)
    Please provide the above information for each fencer signing up from that
  • Click the continue and follow the subsequent steps.

The money will stay in the PayPal account until your information is updated 
on the Bay Cup membership page. Then the money will be transferred directly 
to the Bay Cup checking account (so there's no funny business with the money 
or at least that's the appearance of it). 

If you have concerns or wish to not pay via PayPal, you may still pay 
through your club or at the first tournament. In any case, we hope enabling 
an online registration process for the Bay Cup will allow you one easier 
way to sign up. 

Because all the information are recorded in PayPal, we can easily determine 
any mispayment or over- or underpayment. The service charge of about $1.50 
for the $40 membership will be assumed by the Bay Cup. 

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