Once your recovery is under way, questions about sex are sure to arise in your mind. Almost all Indian patients are shy to speak about sex with their doctors. Also, most doctors will not broach this topic unless asked directly by the patient. Hence, most of our patients suffer from a severe lack of information on this topic. Therefore this aspect will be discussed in more detail here.

A heart attack is not the end of your sex life. Sex like other physical activities can be resumed gradually, starting about 4 weeks after your heart attack. Usually, during sex blood pressure and heart rate increase. However, this is normal and sex involves as much stress to the heart as climbing two flights of stairs. So if you can climb two flights of stairs without problems, you can safely have sex. At first, when your heart is healing, you will have to modify your activities. During this time you may not have much desire for intercourse, but you can still share intimacy with your spouse by hugging, kissing and caressing. Remember that there is more to sex than intercourse.


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